Redirect Russia

Take part in the sanctions against Russia and block Russian traffic to your website.

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Advanced configuration
Where should users be redirected to?

We redirect your users to a landing page which tells them that your site is unavailable in Russia and what they can do to help Ukraine. You can also set any custom redirection URL.

Location detection method

In order to save on network requests, we only query an IP geolocation service if the user's date/time settings are in Russia; if you disable this, you may be rate limited by your geolocation API service.

IP geolocation API

By default, we use; but you can use any IP geolocation endpoint that returns a JSON response with the "country" property as an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code.

Show domain on redirect

If your site is, the redirect page will say " is not available in Russia" if you choose to show the domain (we'll add a ?from query parameter in the redirect URL). You can disable this if you don't want to leak your domain name.

<script src="" async integrity="sha384-K4/XEYup4kNv/qt2ucIwIH2wLT9I+z3s17CHQNMBB2/E8/Kw2VYsXQKB/7kylubA" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

How it works

Screenshot of redirect page

When someone from Russia visits your website, they'll be redirected to a page that looks like this.

They can find information about how they can help Ukraine and make change from within Russia.

The script is asynchronous, meaning that it shouldn't affect the page load time, and it uses a combination of timezone and IP address geolocation to identify traffic from Russia, so we don't make too many IP geolocation API requests.


You can configure the redirect URL, location detection method, IP geolocation API, and whether or not to add your domain to the redirect URL using the configuration generator above.

We also emit an event redirect-russia which you can listen to, for example to set up analytics:

document.addEventListener("redirect-russia", (event) => { /* */ })

The code is open source and available on GitHub.

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